Superfoods are foods known for their exceptional nutritional value. They contain high concentrations of beneficial compounds for maintaining wellness and improving your quality of life. These are just the first of a wide range of Superfoods we here at LoveThyself are proud to offer. Enjoy in Health!

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  • Chocolate Bliss

    Chocolate Bliss Drink Mix is designed as a daily, core food. Radical Health’s David Favor created Chocolate Bliss Powder to assist people desiring to live on Raw Super Foods and women who are pregnant or nursing. server address Most people, including children, enjoy the smooth, rich chocolate flavor. Primary effects are continuous peak mood, energy […]

  • Cocoa Paste

    Our Cacao comes from a feral Cacao Grove that’s been growing unscathed by human touch for many years.  This cacao-in-its-element grows in Ecuador, and is quite limited.  We are proud to offer such a great product to you!

  • Fiesta Mole

    Fiesta Mole merges strong Tomato flavors with rich creams of Hemp Seeds and 100% Whole Coconut. Designed as a daily, core food to assist people desiring to live on Raw Super Foods. The smooth, rich flavors are enjoyable to all, including children. Fiesta Mole is a cornerstone of continuous peak mood, energy and beauty.   […]

  • Goji Joy

      100% powdered 12:1 water extract of goji berries.  Unlike the whole goji berry, there is almost no sugar in this extract- just all the immune-modulating active constituents, essential amino acids, and antioxidants of the renowned berry. Goji Joy is the bliss inducing and immunity boosting goji berry extract powder with 10 times the power of […]

  • Levity

    Maintain Positive Outlook Beautify & Moisten Skin Nourish Heart, Lungs, Kidneys & Adrenals Restore Sexual Vitality Strengthen Immune System Rich Caramel-Like Taste   Pure Red Asparagus Root Extract: Fly above stress with this creamy caramel daily tonic powder.  For the overworked who needs to chill, beautify, and enjoy life! Completely different from the asparagus vegetable, […]

  • Longevity In A Bottle

             40 of the world’s greatest superfood and herbs concentrated into an ultimate elixir of health.  The top time-tested herbs and superfoods from the greatest ancient medicinal traditions have been carefully collected and concentrated into 1 spoonful.  Boost performance, sustain energy with no crash, and build resilience to stress. WHO?  Today, more […]

  • Maca Bliss

    Sustainable Long-Lasting Energy Build Resilience to Stress Boost Athletic Endurance Rev Up Libido Restore Adrenals With The Most Powerful Maca Product on the Shelf!   100% powdered 10:1 dual extraction of black maca root.  Promotes energy, endurance, hormone balancing, and libido.  Ancient nourishment for the modern body. Our black maca roots are grown 12,000 feet […]

  • Mushroom Immunity

    Strengthen the Immune System Build Resilience to Stress Improve Mental Clarity & Calm Unleash Peak Performances Feel Better than Ever     34 extremely potent medicinal mushrooms concentrates in 1 easy to take coffee tasting powder.  100% mushrooms, no caffeine or flavorings.  Always be protected with this pure immune system food. Did you feed your […]

  • Pearl Extract

    * Your Best Beauty Secret * Beautify Skin Strengthen Tissue Open Your Heart Boost Sexual Vitality Great in a Smoothie EPIC Topically! 100% Pure Freshwater Pearl Extract Powder This pure extract contains dozens of amino acids including 8 essential and dozens of minerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, strontium, copper, selenium, silicon, and titanium. The […]

  • Pristine MSM

      MSM (Methyl-sulfonyl-methane) is a naturally-occurring form of the mineral sulfur. It is primarily used for building and repairing connective tissue, maintaining healthy joints, increasing flexibility, hastening athletic recovery, and promoting beauty of the skin, hair and nails. MSM is commonly used for helping treat or prevent osteoarthritis. Some researchers have suggested that MSM has […]